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Happy Valentine's Day from the Department of Health

Tue 14th February 2012, posted by editor

The Department of Health has released some hard hitting research

The research displays all the qualities of intellectual rigour, thorough methodology, cutting edge precision, and a no-nonsense, straight to the issue work ethic that really makes taxpayers feel they are getting a big bang for their buck

It turns out that 74% of 18-24 year olds would not kiss someone who had just smoked. Add 2%, and one finds that 76% of 18-24 year olds agree that smoking makes a person less attractive. The government department has given some timely advice to youngsters still on the prowl for that Valentine’s day snog: if you decide to smoke your advances will only have a 14% success rate. Or if one was in the mood to be dramatic, a young smoker would only pull one in seven times of trying.

Now if there is a serious message to take from these findings, surely it is as follows:

1. The tobacco control industry has admitted that plain packaging will not reduce adult smoking rates but is targeted at preventing younger people taking it up;

2. Well if 18 to 24 year olds find smoking seriously hampers their chance of dating, then so would younger teenagers (unless something miraculous happens when you turn 18). This is the greatest incentive there is of not smoking;

3. Forcing tobacco companies to sell their products in visually offensive packets would therefore be a huge overreaction;

4. Those youngsters who do decide to jeopardise their love lives by smoking are more likely to do so out of rebellion. Therefore by making tobacco even more of a “naughty thing to do” it has a higher chance of encouraging them.

In short, surely the Department of Health has bigger fish to fry, rather than relentlessly demonising consumers of a legal product?


Posted by Dominic heaney on
Are you crazy?! Anything that might stop children smoking is worth a try.

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In 2012 the Government held a 16-week public consultation on whether the UK should adopt standardised (or 'plain') packaging for tobacco products. The consultation received over 665,000 responses, with a substantial majority (427,888) opposed to standard packs. In 2014 the Government conducted a further six-week consultation on the regulations for plain packaging. Together the Prime Minister and the Department of Health received a further 150,000 responses (via the Hands Off Our Packs campaign) opposing plain packs. In September the Government informed the EU it had yet to make a decision on the issue. To inform your MP of your opposition to plain packs and request they forward your views to the relevant ministers, please visit our LAST CHANCE SALOON microsite NOW! To receive updates about our campaign please enter your details below.

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